Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I love my Ginghers!

I have 3 pairs now. Bianca, Tessa and Alicia.
They are such great scissors. I have had Bianca ever since they came out. They are the best scissors and hubby always steals them. I am constantly yelling at him to leave them alone.

This pic is my Mermaid of Atlantis that I haven't worked on in a while. Stitching has gone out the window since I have been pulled from my house to my parents, back and forth. My parents come home next Thursday so life will go back to normal (well as normal as it was before!) so maybe I can get back into stitching!
I'm not even baking!

I've been on the Dukan Diet and I had lost 10kg on it BUT I put back on 3 :(
I was getting so tired and just eating junk food for dinner.
While I'm not strictly on it, I have learnt a lot about eating healthy from the diet.
I am trying to cut down carbs. I use a sugar sub for coffee. I don't eat bread all the time. Maybe once a week. Yes, I still have pasta, potato etc. But in moderation.
I still have desserts etc, but only a little. I am trying to eat more fruit and vegies. Lots of salads which is good now that it's heating up.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who likes Hardcore Pawn?

My parents went through Detroit and the stopped in at American Jewelry and Loan :)
I asked them if they could, to get a pic with either Les, Seth or Ashely (or all)
Apparently filming was going on, Dad asked Cornell if it was possible to get a pic with Les. Cornell went and got him! So there are 3 pics. One of my mum outside American Jewelry and Loan, one of mum with Cornell and one of Mum with Les.
I was so stoked that mum and dad actually went there and got pics with Les and Cornell. Hard Core Pawn is one of my favourite shows, I watch it every week on 7mate.
I was going to do some stitching last night, never got to it :(
I had a few drinks, I got sad because I was at my mums and hubby was at home.
I then wanted to drive home, but couldn't as I had been drinking. In the end I fell asleep at about 10pm. Or tried to, it was rather warm and I had 2 cats smothering me! I was then awoken at 12pm, 2am, 4am and 6am. These cat's are very precise about what time to wake me! At 6am when I woke, I looked over and Buzz (one of mums cats) was lying on the bed like a person. Head on the pillow and everything, lol. He was just staring at me.