Monday, October 31, 2011

This week, so far, in words

Well this week started out not so good.
Hubby and I were in a car accident yesterday.
A car pulled out right in front of us. We are very lucky there is a bullbar on the ute. If not, the damage to our car would have been bad.
Hubby was fine, I was not. I got winded, I couldn't breathe properly. I went into shock.
The other driver came over and apologised. It took a good 20 minutes before I could get back into the car.
Hubby was taking me to my mums house (I'm house sitting at my parents place at the moment) so I could feed the cats and let them out. He starts work in Canning Vale almost everyday so it's just around the corner.
He ended up taking me home, he didn't go to work. I am fine now but I have to tell you, I was scared.

Today hubby has taken today off also. My chest is hurting a bit, last night I had trouble breathing again so I guess he is worried. I am fine, I just think it's the shock.

So that's my week so far. I start my training for my new job on Thursday which has perked me up. I do also want to try and start an ornament today and maybe finish one! My stitching has been non existant lately. This week I am also making a cake for my BIL's birthday. Can't say what, but it's to do with Grid Iron!

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